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We’ve been a bit haphazard in posting on this site.  For one thing, I didn’t think many people were viewing it, so I’ve been looking at it as more of a test site than a real communication tool.  For another thing: I’m a doctor.  We’re all doctors in the Physicians Action Network.  We’re incredibly busy.  It’s hard to find time to post.

On the other hand: as we’ve worked and met over the past six months, we’re each found ourselves drawn to particular issues.  We find that we have – not just opinions – but accumulating knowledge in certain areas.

For me, it’s climate change and gun violence prevention.  For others in the group, it’s access health care, reproductive rights, social and racial equality, LGBTQ issues.

So, we’ve committed to putting what we learn about these issues into writing in the form of blog posts, white papers, resource pages, etc.   This site will be the repository; and as we post  documents here, we’ll try to keep people posted via social media.

We’re nearly one year into the Trump presidency.  We figure it’s going to be a long haul.   We’re not counting on his being impeached; and, even if he were, we’d be left with Mike Pence, who would likely be just as malign from a policy perspective, and more effective than Trump.

The future of our human dignity, of democracy, and, of our planet are at stake.

None of us can change the world by ourselves; but, for our part, we’ll try to put scientific truth up to counter the stream of misinformation and propaganda coming from the right-wing media and the White House.  We’ll try to influence politics here in Ohio; and we’ll join forces with other groups to hold the line locally and nationally.

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