March for Science

Come join us today at the March for Science in downtown Columbus.  We’ll be marching in our white coats to support the important role of science in public policy and to protest the Trump administration’s assault on the climate and on healthcare.

Even if you didn’t make the rally, come meet us afterwards at Milestone 229 – 229 Civic Center Drive in Columbus.  We’ll be there around 12:30.

If you’re looking at this site for the first time, here’s a brief statement of who we are:
We are Central Ohio physicians and other health professionals committed to progressive values and causes united against the reactionary political agenda of the current national, state and that may adversely affect our patients.  These include threats to the environment and the health local administrations.  As health care providers, we are concerned with issues of health policy of our planet; to the rights of immigrants; to equality and justice for all minorities whether they be racially, gender or orientation based; to fair labor practices, and opportunities for the poor and socially marginalized; to halting the epidemic of deaths and injuries due to firearms in America.

We are physicians, nurses, social workers, scientists.  We see first-hand the devastating impact of racism, economic injustice, toxic exposures, preventable illness and violence on our patients.  We recognize the role of scientific research in guiding both medical practice and rational policy.  We deeply oppose the current administration’s attempts to suppress scientific research conducted and supported by the Federal Government, as well as the campaign of misinformation the US government is attempting to foist on the American public.  We counter this with true, fact-based information and act in support of rational, humane policy that reflects the true American values of honesty, compassion, equality and justice.

We stand united against the unbalanced power of a President and a Republican majority in the Senate, the House, and the Ohio legislature.  But by joining together in this group, and by joining with other groups, we have power.  On the web and on social media, we support evidence based medicine and facts.  We can make our voices heard publically, at rallies and demonstrations, as public speakers and media spokespeople.  We can communicate with elected officials.  Those who support a progressive agenda need our help, and those who oppose it need to understand that there will be a price to pay.  We can raise funds and speak out for candidates who share our views.  We are one part of a movement that is growing by the day.  We believe we can make a difference.

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